Seminary Store - The Manager told me that it was my final payment then two weeks later they called for more money

Fort Worth, Texas 0 comments
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The Seminary Store in Fort Worth under the management of Donnie told

me that the final payment was 248.00 and it was 8 days late so i had to

pay some late fees which that was ok. but all of this was paid he thanked

me i thanked him and was there any thing else i needed and i explained to

him that i was retiring from one of my jobs and i could no longer pay for

any thing else now this was my third pay off at Rental Center and this was

the first time this had happen.The other managers at the previous stores

had never given me a problem but Donnie is trying to make up for some body

else payment and i cannot give him this payment he say the payment is not

on the computer i need some sort of proof because he should have never told

me the account was payed off.see i payed my bill overe the phone because i

work two jobs so i never had time to run in.please check on this guy for me

thanks my email is Cell phone 682-558-0095

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